Medical reports, supportive letters and medical forms

You may need to have access to your medical information, whether for your own records or to pass to another organisation. This page will describe what information you can request, how you can request it, how we will process it, how long it will take, how you can collect it, and if there is a charge.

Immunisation (vaccination) records

We can print a copy of your immunisation history. Please come into reception to request this or telephone your registered practice. 

Covid vaccines

  • We cannot offer proof of covid vaccines. You can only get proof by using the NHS App or by calling 119.
  • If there is an issue with your covid vaccination record, we do not have the ability to correct this. This must be done by calling 119. This includes Covid vaccinations done in the UK and abroad.
Blood results or scan/ultrasound results

If requested by your Nexus GP surgery:

We can print your results once they have been reviewed by a clinician. If they are abnormal we will ask you to speak to a clinician first. You can request this directly with reception or can do an eConsult.

We can normally print this for you straightaway. There is no fee for this.

If requested by a hospital/another clinic:

It is always the responsibility of the person who organised the test to follow up the result. Therefore, if your hospital team have requested a test, please speak to them to check the result. We often do not get sent these results so we regret that we cannot give you the results; because we do not have the full information as to why the test was requested, it means we cannot safely interpret it. We do not have any special access to hospital staff so unfortunately can’t help you get in touch with them but we usually find that their email addresses and phone numbers are available on their websites.

List of medical problems / 'brief summary'

We can print a copy of your medical problems. Sometimes this is called a ‘brief summary’, where it also includes your medications, results and recent consultations. You can request this by coming to reception or doing an eConsult. These need to be reviewed by a doctor first, to check there is no third party information or potentially harmful information; your request will be passed to a doctor and will be ready within 2 working days. There is no fee for this service.

Because this contains sensitive medical information, you will need to attend in person to show photo ID including proof of address. If you would like someone else to collect this on your behalf we would need to see a signed consent form from you and then the person collecting would need to show photo ID.

Please note, the problem list will contain problem codes from your entire medical record, some of which you may have forgotten about, and some which may be incorrect, possibly even entered by a previous surgery. We don’t have the capacity to routinely review all problem codes, however, if you were particularly expecting a specific diagnosis to be present or if you think there is an error we will certainly review your records. It would be easiest if you could submit this in an eConsult.

Supportive letter for council housing, university etc.

If you have been advised to give a letter to confirm a diagnosis etc, we strongly recommend requesting a brief summary (See above). This usually provides all the information necessary and it is free.

If after requesting a brief summary, you still require a report, we do recommend that you ask the person who needs this to write to us directly. If this is still not possible, please submit an eConsult and our Referrals and Reports team will get back to you to discuss this in more detail including the fee. We will not process the request until the fee is paid. The standard timeline for this is 30 calendar days.

The fees associated with the supply of a medical letter with commentary are not covered by the NHS. It is a private service, and as such there is an £85 fee attached to the service which is fixed with no exceptions. This is because of the level of activity involved in producing the letter:

  • The clinicians time to carefully review your medical notes and prepare the letter.
  • The administrative tasks and assistance from Nexus administration assistance to prepare the letter.
Requesting your full medical record

You are entitled to a copy of your full medical records. There is no fee for this legally, however it is a substantial amount of work; therefore repeated requests will be subject to a fee. There will be increasing access to your records via the NHS App and you may find this more convenient; also you may find that all you require is a brief summary (see above).

To save paper, this will be in electronic format and emailed to you. Because it will contain sensitive medical information, you will be required to attend reception in person to show photo ID and proof of address, and to confirm your email address.

You may have also given consent to a third party organisation (e.g. your solicitor for a court case) to receive this information.

Once you have made the request, we will contact you to confirm this and ask you to carefully read through the following information:

We have a request to release your entire medical records. This was made by yourself / by a third party organisation. This will include everything written by us and any previous GP surgeries and any hospital letters we have available. We will remove/redact any information related to other people and anything that we think may be harmful to you, and also anything related to safeguarding, criminal records, adoption, inappropriate comments, HIV and hepatitis status and termination of pregnancy. Anything else will be kept, including information related to mental health, drug/substance/alcohol use and sexual health. You have the right to see the records before they are released to any third party organisation and you may request any incorrect information to be rectified, but we cannot remove any information that you prefer to be left out, although you can remove your consent at any time and will not release the records.

If we do not hear back from you we will proceed with the request.

Universal credit / PIP

In order to make a new application for Universal credit / PIP / benefits, please contact the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) directly. 

They will write to us directly with a special form which we will complete and send back to them

If you are making an appeal based on your PIP application, you must make this direct to them. They will then write to us. You do not need a special letter from us. If you still request a letter, there would be a charge of £85 for this, in line with the above section on ‘supportive letters'.


If you are unsure if you can drive or not, please check this website or discuss with your hospital consultant:

If you need to notify the DVLA then contact them directly and they will then write to us.

If you have a form from them which we need to fill in, please bring this to reception. Please ensure you have signed any consent pages. Do not book a GP appointment for this.

For taxi queries, please see separate section regarding taxi medicals (PCO Licences)

Taxi medicals (PCO licence)

For a taxi medical, please first of all book an optician check and ask them to fill out the appropriate page

Then, please call reception to get your blood pressure checked at the machine in reception. We need a blood pressure reading done at your surgery within the last month.

Then, please ensure the form is signed by you and then hand into reception. The fee for this is £90. This will then be passed to the doctor.

If the doctor needs to see you for an examination (not normally required) then you will be contacted. If this happens, the total fee is £135. The normal timeline to complete this is 30 calendar days.

Solicitor reports

If your solicitor requires a report from us, there will be a charge for this in accordance with our fee list. We aim to process these requests within 30 calendar days.

Insurance reports

If you are applying for insurance, your insurer will write to us directly to request the required information. This a substantial piece of work and we aim to complete this within 30 calendar days.

If you need a letter to prove that you were ill for the purposes of a holiday cancellation (or similar), then you may find that a simple printout of the appropriate consultation or a hospital discharge summary will be all this is required; there would be no charge for this. If this is not possible/applicable, then we may be able to write a letter but there would be a charge for this. Please submit this request by an eConsult.

List of acceptable proof of identity documents

To release your medical records, we must have proof of your identifcation. We require photographic ID and one other form of ID. Both of these must contain your name. Your date of birth and address must be included on one of these.

List of accepted documents:

  • Passport (Any current and valid passport)
  • Biometric residence permit UK
  • Current driving licence photocard - (full or provisional, any country)
  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • Immigration document, visa or work permit
  • HM Forces ID card
  • Firearms licence
  • Bank or building society statement Issued in last 3 months
  • Credit card statement UK or EEA  Issued in last 3 months
  • Financial statement, for example pension or endowment UK   Issued in last 12 months
  • P45 or P60 statement UK and Channel Islands  Issued in last 12 months
  • Council Tax statement UK and Channel Islands  Issued in last 12 months
  • Utility bill UK - not mobile telephone bill     Issued in last 3 months
  • Benefit statement, for example Child Benefit, Pension UK Issued in last 3 months
  • Central or local government, government agency, or local council document giving entitlement, for example from the Department for Work and Pensions, the Employment Service, HMRC UK and Channel Islands Issued in last 3 months
  • EEA National ID card. Must still be valid
  • Irish Passport Card Cannot be used with an Irish passport     Must still be valid
  • Cards carrying the PASS accreditation logo UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands Must still be valid