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Accessing our services online

Using the NHS App means you can can book appointments, request repeat prescriptions, look at test results and you can view your medical record online.

You will only be able to view your record from the date you register for online access. This includes viewing your consultations, documents and results. If you require historic medical information (e.g. for a legal or insurance claim), you will need to apply for a copy of your records and you can do this here.


NHS app: Click here for information on downloading the NHS app and instructions on how to use it.

Parents and guardians accessing information for children aged 0-10 years

We offer access for parents/guardians of children under the age of 11. This is for booking appointments and requesting medication only, not for viewing the medical record. Your access will be turned off automatically once the child is 11 years old. To gain access to a child’s information, you will need to attend reception with your ID and proof of parental responsibility (e.g birth certificate).

Parent and guardians accessing information for children aged 11-15 years

For children aged 11-15 years, access can be provided to parents/guardians on an annual basis. The child will need to attend to sign a form. Parental/guardian access is not available for patients aged 16 and over, except for specific circumstances e.g. learning disability or a housebound patient; these requests are reviewed by a clinician first.

If you would like access to a record of someone aged 16 and over

If you are applying for access to a patient record who is aged 16 or over, you must attend reception with them. If the patient is able to give consent, both the patient and the person requesting access will need to provide photo ID and fill in a form. If the patient is unable to attend reception (e.g. housebound) or unable to consent (e.g. severe learning disability) then only ID from the person requesting access is required, not the patient.

Data Protection

Protecting your data is important to us. We will only give out login details if we can verify your identity. This is why we require to see photographic ID; if you do not have this we will try to verify your identity another way, please bring any documentation that you have.

If you are unable to protect your login details from someone else and worry that someone else may be able to access your record against your will, then please do not apply for online access or please contact us and we can remove your access. 


If you have already registered for online access but are having problems, please submit an online request and select administrative query and this will be passed to our Registrations team to contact you to try to resolve this.

Correcting Your Record

We always strive to ensure accurate medical records are kept. If when you read your record you notice a significant error please submit an online query and we will review this. 

Medical records will contain a lot of technical information and often abbreviations. You may wish to consult the NHS Website or to understand any terms better.

You will only be able to see details from the date you register going forward. Any diagnosis made before that time will not be visible online.