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I need a new referral

If you need a new referral please fill in this form. You will receive a response from the practice within 48 hours. 

You should also check the Refer yourself for services page to see if you can refer yourself without talking to the practice team. 

I am waiting for an appointment at a hospital or clinic

If we have referred you to an external clinic/speciality and you haven’t been seen yet, you should get in contact with the team you have been referred to. 

You can also check the status of some referrals via the NHS App. We would usually have sent you a text message when we did your referral.

If you are already under the care of a hospital and awaiting for a follow up appointment, we cannot contact the hospital on your behalf as we have no control over their appointments.

You do not need a GP appointment to discuss this. The reception team will be able to deal with your query and they can speak with our referral team if need be.

You can contact reception by filling in this form, by telephone or by visiting your GP practice. 

I missed an appointment and I need a new referral

If you missed a hospital or clinic appointment, please contact the hospital/clinic first as they may be able to reinstate the appointment. 

If they are unable to reinstate your appointment, please fill in this form and we can refer you again. Please contact reception to ensure we have your correct contact details.

If you cannot find what you need in the options above, please complete our online form. The team will review your request and respond with information.  

For information on services you can self-refer to, please see our page Refer yourself for services