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Synnovis Cyber Attack


UPDATE: 21 JUNE 2024

Test results from beginning of June

We have now been advised that all results which were processed have been received by us. Therefore, if you are waiting for a result that we have not received, this has unfortunately not been processed. We are waiting for a list of all patients affected. If you are waiting for a test result, please complete a new appointment form or contact reception - please update us on your symptoms and we will advise you on when we can do your test (see below update 19 June).

Media reports of data leak

If you have any questions regarding media reports of implications of the cyber attack, please refer to these FAQs - (




It is still not possible to carry out non-urgent or routine blood tests, swabs, urine or stool samples.

Tests are being prioritised in order of clinical urgency. Your clinician will tell you what priority your test is.

Urgent tests

We are able to do urgent tests. Your clinician will give you a form and you will need to bring this to St Thomas’ or King’s College Hospital, no appointment is needed. We cannot do these at the GP surgery. Urine, stool, and swab samples can be provided back to reception. The form has to have ‘urgent’ typed on it.

The NHS has defined ‘Urgent’ as requiring an investigation that is essential to inform short-term treatment which cannot be determined or safely administered without the investigation(s) eg 3-4 days. It is important to note that most requests for tests will not meet the above criteria.

If you have been told in the last couple of weeks that you need an urgent test and are still waiting for this, please contact us again to update us on your symptoms and we will reassess if you still need an urgent test. Use this form to submit your information online

Important tests

These are not available yet. Please check this page next week for updates.

Routine tests

These are not available yet. Please check this page in a few weeks for updates.

Your clinician will advise you at your appointment what priority your test is. It is not possible to change this priority level. The hospital will discard samples that do not meet the above criteria. If your symptoms change, please fill in this form. This is a major incident which is outside of our control and we are following NHS guidance.

Unfortunately we do not have a timeline for non-urgent tests to restart, but please keep checking this page for updates. Thank you for your patience.




It is still not possible to carry out non-urgent or routine blood tests, swaps, urine or stool samples. As of today 14 June, it is possible to carry out urgent and critical  tests and the NHS has defined this as requiring an investigation that is essential to inform short-term treatment which cannot be determined or safely administered without the investigation(s) eg 3-4 days.

It is important to note that most requests for tests will not meet the above criteria.

When there is a need for an urgent test, a clinician will arrange for the test to be carried out and you will be given instructions with what to do with the request form. This will include ensuring that the test form is marked as URGENT.

If the clinician advises you that you need an urgent test, you will need to take your form to the hospital and the test will be carried out as a walk in patient – it is not possible to book a test appointment or do this at the GP surgery.

If you have been told in the last couple of weeks that you need an urgent test and are still waiting for this, please contact us again to update us on your symptoms and we will reassess if you still need an urgent test. Use this form to submit your information online

Unfortunately we do not have a timeline for non-urgent tests to restart, but please keep checking this page for updates. We will also update phone lines and posters in reception.

End of update.



  • On Monday 3 June Synnovis, a provider of lab services, was the victim of a ransomware cyber attack.
  • This is having a significant impact on the delivery of services at Guy’s and St Thomas’, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts and primary care services in south east London and we apologise for the inconvenience this is causing to patients and their families.
  • Emergency care continues to be available, so patients should access services in the normal way by dialling 999 in an emergency and otherwise using 111, and patients should continue to attend appointments unless they are told otherwise.
  • We will continue to provide updates for local patients and the public about the impact on services and how they can continue to get the care they need. The attack is impacting testing; blood tests are on example of tests which are severely impacted. If you have an appointment for one or more of these, it may be cancelled or rearranged.

NHS partners and Synnovis are working urgently to fully understand the impact of the incident with the support of the government’s National Cyber Security Centre and our Cyber Operations team. The local NHS have set up a webpage where the latest updates will be posted. You can view this here.


  • Some activity has already been cancelled or redirected to other providers as urgent work is prioritised.
  • Emergency care continues to be available, including using 111 online as the first port of call for health needs, and only using 999 if it is a serious or life-threatening emergency. For more information on when to call 999 and when to go to A&E, you can visit the NHS UK website. Patients should continue to attend appointments unless told otherwise.
  • Synnovis is a partnership between SYNLAB UK & Ireland, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Synnovis provides services to the NHS, clinical users and other service users. For more information visit
  • NHS providers have tried and tested business continuity plans for instances like this, which includes offering mutual aid.

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Patient access switch off

Patient Access app and website.

After 30 April 2024 Nexus Health Group patients will not be able to use the Patient Access app or website to view their GP health information or order repeat prescriptions.

The NHS app offers the same functionality as Patient Access app, and it also incorporates our new online form. Patients who are not yet using the NHS app are encouraged to download it. On the NHS app you can:

- View your health information

- See your test results

- request repeat medication

- request appointments and admin support. 

If you do not wish to use the NHS app you will continue to be able to request your test results, request appointments and repeat prescriptions on the telephone or in your GP practice. The team will complete our online form for you, and you will be contacted the same day with a response. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause our patients. If you would like to attend a meeting where we can help you get started on the NHS app, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, your registered GP Practice and email address. 

You can also visit your registered GP practice where the team can assist you. 

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Access Update

The way you contact your GP practice is changing

First published: 7 March 2024. Updated 14 March 2024. 

We’re changing the way you make an appointment, and request admin support.

From 22 March 2024 if you need an appointment, or if you have an admin request you will need to fill in our new online form. You will no longer be given an appointment over the telephone or when you visit the practice.

Patients will need to complete our new easy to use online form. The form asks just 3 questions about what you need. The form will then be looked at by the team and they will come back to you the same day with the next steps.

If you cannot fill in the form online, our team will fill it in and submit it for you.

Once the form has been submitted, you will be contacted with:


  • This new system will help us make the most of our appointments. You may be seen in the GP practice (face to face) or you may be offered a telephone appointment.
  • We want you to see the right person at the right time, so your request will first be reviewed by one of our clinical team. You may be offered an appointment with one of our primary care team. We are a team of many different skills and qualifications and your appointment would be with someone who can best attend to your needs:
    • A GP (doctors)
    • A member of our nursing team
    • A Primary care paramedic
    • A Physicians Associate (PA)
    • An Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)
    • A Healthcare Assistant (HCA)
  • We want to give you more choice, so you may be offered a range of appointment slots, and you can book the time and date that works best for you.
  • If an appointment is not the best result for you, we will let you know where you can go for your help. This may be managing your problem at home, speaking to one of our administrative team, or visiting a Pharmacist, or other community service.

 Prescription/medication requests

  • Please submit your repeat prescription requests via the NHS App.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 working days for requests to be actioned.
  • If you wish to request an item that is not on your repeat medication list, please request via the online form and select admin query.
  • If you are unable to use the NHS App or complete the online form your self the team will review your prescription/medication request and email/call/text you with the next steps. This may be asking you to visit your pharmacy to collect a prescription, or you may be invited for a medication review.

 Administration requests

Requests like fit/sick notes, licence forms, DWP forms, referrals and test results will all be sent the right team within Nexus. That team will contact you the same day with a response to your query, or the information you need for next steps.

 Where is the new form?

From 22 March, you will find the form on the NHS app and our website.

  • The form is faster than eConsult and easier to use because it only asks 3 questions.
  • You can use the form for children, including those under the age of 1 years old.
  • You can access the new form on a smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • You can also submit a form on the NHS app.

I don’t have access to the internet / I cannot fill in the form.

We are here to help. If you are unable to access the online form we can complete it for you, just ask our team to assist you when they answer your call. You can also ask our reception teams at your GP practice to help you. All requests need to be made using the new form, but the team will be more than happy to fill it out for you.

Can I still telephone or visit my practice to ask for help?

You can still call us on the telephone, or visit us in person if you prefer. Our teams will not be able to give you an appointment on the call or at your visit but they will fill in the online form for you and the team will get back to you the same day with an appointment or advice/support.

Our clinical team

Your telephone or face to face appointment may be with:

  • Our GP Partners or site based GPs. They lead our clinical and non-clinical multidisciplinary teams to delivery holistic care to our patients. 
  • Our Physicians Associates. Physician associates are medically trained, generalist healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. Physician associates are dependent practitioners working with a dedicated medical supervisor, but are able to work autonomously with appropriate support.
  • Our Paramedics. Our team of Paramedics work across all Nexus sites and are highly trained in dealing with acute medical issues. They They run minor illness clinics in the surgery alongside our GPs plus also perform acute home visits for our housebound patients. 
  • Our Nurses. We have a full nursing team across all our sites who have all done further training to become competent in skills needed for General Practice. Practice nurses can carry out cervical smears, immunisations, contraception reviews, wound care and chronic disease management such as asthma, COPD and Diabetes. Many Practice nurse appointments are available to book online and they also have telephone call appointments that can be booked for queries on nursing matters such as immunisations.  
  • Our Health Care Assistants. Health care assistants work with the nursing team and are trained in adult immunisations, phlebotomy, wound care, ear syringing, NHS health checks, 24 hour BP monitoring and some annual reviews.
  • Our Advanced Nurse Practitioners. Advanced Nurse Practitioners are experienced Nurses who have undergone several more years of advanced training in order to become Nurse Practitioners. Their role is to assess, diagnose and treat patients and they are also able to prescribe medication.
  • Our Pharmacists. Pharmacists are responsible for the safe prescribing of complex and high risk medicines. They respond to central medicine alerts and conduct prescribing safety audits and adjust medication charts post hospital discharges.

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Salaried GPs

Salaried GP Foundation Programme

Supporting new GPs into Primary Care

Nexus Health Group have launched a programme for newly qualified GPs (who have completed their VTS within the last 3 years). The aim of this is to support their first step into primary care on completion of your CTC and to help develop future leaders and clinical influencers within primary care.

Many of our current GP partners spent time as trainee doctors at some of our sites and we recognise the importance of a supported transition from training to a salaried role within General Practice.

About us
Nexus Health Group was founded in 2016 with the coming together of a number of long established, like minded NHS GP practices. We are a well-recognised training organisation (for GP’s and allied health professionals) serving a diverse list of approximately 77,000 patients from nine practice sites all in North Southwark across a single practice list. Our GP sites are made up of established multidisciplinary teams of GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs), Paramedics, Physicians Associates, Nurses, Pharmacists, Health Care Assistants (HCAs) and local administration teams. We are focused on the development of our workforce.

Our organisation is led by our GP partners, and Senior Management Team. Sites are supported by Clinical Governance Leads, and centralised back office functions providing Human Resources, Finance, Administration and IT support.

The programme
We have designed this programme specifically for newly qualified GPs within 3 years of completing their GP training to join one of our site based teams at Nexus on a salaried basis.

We are offering successful Salaried GP candidates a salary of £11,660 per session per annum, a pro rata weekly session for CPD, 6 weeks annual leave pro rata, and 1 week study leave pro rata. In addition to this the programme offers:

  • The offer of a flexible working week
  • A mentor from the Nexus GP partnership
  • Quarterly peer support meetings
  • Access to monthly Nexus wide educational meetings
  • Access to training budget (by application)
  • Access to monthly protected learning session with whole Nexus team
  • Involvement and participation in Nexus wide transformation projects and other workstreams
  • Shadowing in specialised clinics within the hospital setting or with community based specialist services

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FFT & patient satisfaction

We value your feedback.

Feedback from our patients and service users helps shape our current and future services. You can feedback in a number of ways 

  1. Completing the Friends and Family Test (FFT)
  2. Joining our Patient Participation Group (PPG)
  3. Responding to the National GP patient survey
  4. Leaving a review on
  5. In person to the team at your registered GP practice. 
  6. Via our contact us page for feedback and complaints
  • Friends and Family (FFT) satisfaction scores

    • April 2024: 81% of users rated their overall experience as good or very good.
    • March 2024: 87% of users rated us good or very good.
    • February 2024: 89% of users rated us good or very good
    • December 2023: 82% of users rated us good or very good.
    • November 2023: 89% of users rated us good or very good. 
    • October 2023: 89% of users rated us good or very good. 
  • National GP patient survey

    We acknowledge the poor satisfaction rates in the 2023 survey. We continue to take steps towards improving the experience of our staff and patients.

    • We have a central Access Hub that handles all incoming calls to the service which has reduced overall wait times. Our Access Hub match callers with the appropriate clinical member of our multidisciplinary team. Patients can be offered appointments at any Nexus site, and also have the option of evening and weekend appointments at our PCN Hub.
    • Our staff actively signpost patients to the tool/service that best meets their needs. 
    • We offer face to face; telephone; or online (our online form) appointments. 

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